Here's hacking at you, Sony

2-axis gyroscope (x,y)

2-axis gyroscope
The 2-axis gryoscope (likely an STM LPR425AL, see the update below) is an analog sensor measuring rotation along the x- and y-axes. It uses a 1.4V reference signal that it seems to generate internally from an external 3.2V source. This 1.4V source is available on pin R138.

Between two different Moves, the gyroscopes seem not to have consistent markings. iFixIt’s is marked 067S8. On my Move, it's marked 090B8. This could be regional differences-- I bought mine in Luxembourg, whereas iFixit most likely bought theirs in America--  or it could be that the parts are actually different, or sthat this is a serial number. In any case, what is clear is that without some inside knowledge we'll probably never get a document sheet, or really even know the gyroscope's noise specifications. 

There are extra capacitor pads C85, C103 and C104, C106-- x- and y-axis, respectively-- which I think could be used for changing the filtering frequency of the analog outputs.

Update: It would seem that the brass casing is likely for electromagnetic shielding, as EETimes Asia identifies it as the LPR425AL, which is likely from STM: “None of the sensors can be found in their exact form on either vendor's websites but part markings are consistent with the full part numbers shown, and suggestive of custom parts for Sony.” However, as I do not wish to take the brass shell off my Move and perhaps render it inoperative, it is possible that there is another chip underneath.

No table is provided as due to the brass shield it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the pins. However, the microcontroller post details which STM32 pins read the analog sensor outputs.


1-axis gyroscope (z)

Y5250H 1-axis gyroscope
The Y5250H 2029 K8QEZ is the z-axis gyroscope, with zero-output center at 1.5V. The resting noise seems to be less than my oscilloscope’s background noise of 2mV. (iFixit mistakenly identified this as a 3-axis gyroscope, but testing with an oscilloscope revealed it to be 1-axis only.)

EETimes Asia identifies this as an STM LY5250 accelerometer, for which there is no available chip doc.

Table of notable pins