Welcome. This page will detail the progress and engineering decision of the HyDoR (Hybrids Done Right) project in the SCE (Systems and Controls Engineering) Laboratory at the University of Luxembourg.

While hybrid technology is certainly the technology of the future, in spite of all the hype, promises, and potential, it's currently far from living up to its promise. Why? Because rather than dramatically increasing fuel economy, manufacturers are instead increasing power and acceleration! So while the family sedan gets the same mileage as before, it can hit a zero-to-sixty time that would have made a 1950s dragster envious. Did I mention that it's more expensive, too?

Do we need this? Far from it. What we need is sensible transportation for the masses, one that costs a pittance and performs acceptably well. What's well enough? Well, 130km/hr sustained seems a little unusual for cars, believe it or not. No, most people just get on the interstate and roll along at speed for 5-10 minutes. After that, back down to a stately 90km/hr. So really, we just need a vehicle that has enough power to sustain 90km/hr all day long (about 10hp is all) with some additional boost for short stints on the highway.

Do we need Bose audio systems? No. What about heated seats with leather dashboards? Not that either? Do we need cars that cost $20,000? Not on your life. There are many who think that a small, safe, efficient car can be built for around $5,000. Renault obviously believes this, as they're selling the Renault Logan for 5,000 euro in Europe. It's a nice car (I've driven it), gets decent mileage, is moderately sized (read "compact" in America, "mid-size" in Europe) and saves you lots and lots of money.

And to those who point out that this car won't do for long distance driving, I say, "You're absolutely right". I say, take the money you saved on buying a simple car that has simple needs and use it to rent a car for long trips. Why not? It's probably more comfortable than what you would otherwise have, if it breaks down, you're covered, and if you use your platinum credit card to rent it you have full liability.

But I digress... Peruse these pages as you like in order to discover a bit more about building and operating your very own hybrid. My own journey has already begun-- with a 1985 Suzuki GSX 1100 E that will soon have a small, 2.5kg, LKR-type motor that can turn out an astonishing 15hp.